A liberal vision for the Future of Europe

A liberal vision for the Future of Europe

Building back better

European economies face major challenges; We need to foster economic recovery and sustainable development in line with the dual digital and green transitions. We stand for competition and the market economy. More free trade and diverse supply chains are needed, subject to respect for EU values and human rights.

Our solutions

  • Job creation needs to be prioritised and aligned with the green and digital transitions.
  • Free and rule-based trade, subject to the respect of EU values, as a condition to access the European procurement market.
  • More use of new and existing financial instruments such as loans or guarantees to incentivise innovation and support research.
  • Completion and promotion of the Single Market for new opportunities and competitiveness.
  • Building of a fully functioning Digital Single Market as well as fostering digital upskilling in society.
  • Active monitoring of investments in EU companies as well as regular assessments of possible risks and market distortions.

Sustainable development and fighting climate change

Europe’s Liberals believe that Europe should take a leading role in fighting climate change, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. This is why we fully support the ambition for EU to be climate neutral by 2050. We need concrete solutions to enable a green transition that creates jobs and generates growth.

Our solutions

  • Research and innovation alongside smart regulation to support green growth and develop new technologies, resources and raw materials.
  • Market economy forces to incentivise companies to change to a carbon neutral and circular economy model.
  • Examine opening the EU Emissions Trade System (ETS) to additional sectors
  • Investments in all forms of renewable and low carbon energy forms to decarbonise our energy sources and systems.
  • Transition to zero emissions mobility by phasing out petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles.
  • Incentives to citizens’ daily behaviours to become climate conscious consumers.
  • Stronger cooperation on environmental protection on land and at sea.

Rule of law and human rights

Fundamental democratic pillars such as judicial independence, media freedom and rule of law are under siege in a number of Member States. We need to establish effective measures to address this at the European level that go beyond Article 7 TEU, which has proven to be ineffective.

Our solutions

  • Application of the principle of conditionality that links the allocation of EU recovery funds to the respect common EU values.
  • New tools and mechanisms to strengthen the involvement of national parliaments in EU affairs.

Immigration and asylum

Immigration and asylum remain concerns in Europe, and the current system no longer works. Integration is the key to successful and sustainable immigration and both Member States and immigrants are both responsible for successfully ensuring it.

Our solutions

  • A humane and effective Common European Asylum System with high-quality reception, responsibility sharing, and efficient procedures in line with EU fundamental standards.
  • Increased funding for reception centres in regions of origin to provide asylum seekers with alternatives.
  • The EU blue card to act as an EU-wide work permit applied by all Member States.
  • An EU coordination proposal for the Mediterranean.  

The EU as a global leader

In an increasingly complex world, the European Union needs to strengthen its international presence to become a true global leader and protect and assert its values and interests. The EU should continue to promote human rights and be more resilient against foreign influence.

Our solutions

  • Institutionally reinforcing the EEAS and the High Representative the EU, who should act as an EU Foreign Minister.
  • A European seat in the UN Security Council and other organisations.
  • Qualified Majority Voting for decisions on foreign and security policies.
  • Establishment and implementation of the European Defence Union subject to parliamentary control.
  • The respect of human rights as a basic condition for all international agreements.

Strengthening EU Democracy

Our electoral democracy at the EU level needs to be further strengthened to ensure a connection between voters and representatives as well as more equality in representation. We also need institutional reform to streamline our governance.

Our solutions

  • A single European Parliament seat in Brussels, with the power to initiate legislation and remove individual Commissioners.
  • Harmonisation of EU Member States’ laws for European Parliament elections.
  • Introduction of transnational lists.
  • Reduction of the number of EU Commissioners to 18, nominated by the European Commission President-elect.
  • Strenghtening of the involvement of national parliaments in EU affairs.
  • Launch a Convention on the Future of Europe to implement the conclusions of the Conference and lay the foundation for a European Constitution.


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