04 Feb, 2020

Commission must deliver on its work programme

On 30 January, the European Commission presented its 2020 work programme to the European Parliament. Reacting to this, Dacian Cioloș, Renew Europe’s President, stated:

“This Parliament shares with the Commission the need for an ambitious transformation to reset the European economy, building on the Green Deal and the Digital agenda. The success of this Commission will depend on its ability to identify the resources and solutions that will transform this in practice. Crucial to this will be an ambitious and tailor-made multiannual budget, including creative financial instruments complementary to the future EU budget.”

The EU is too often perceived as a creator of rules and regulations. We can only grow confidence in a European added value if our decisions generate wealth and improve the lives of our citizens.”

“Renew Europe does not just sit and wait for proposals from the Commission. We have been working on how we think the migration problem could be solved and how the Green Deal could be put into practice. In the coming days we will present a vision on how we think the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence should be addressed.”

On the rule of law, Cioloș was critical that the Commission’s programme did not go far enough.

“The EU must also safeguard European values and the rule of law in all Member States. Violations of the rule of law mustalways have consequences. On this issue, the work program presented is simply not clear enough.

In conclusion, Cioloș underlined that the EU must learn a harsh lesson from Brexit.

Next week, the UK will become a third country. We must learn a harsh lesson from Brexit. We have no choice but to improve the way the EU works. The Conference for the future of Europe can be the catalyst for new ideas. The European Commission needs to be a partner of the Parliament in mobilising European citizens to participate in this broadconsultation and to bring our institutions closer to the people.”

The European Union that we want to share with our citizens must be one that builds on their vision and improves their lives.

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