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Congress 2015 - Individual members

Congress information for individual members: all you need to know about the ALDE Party Congress:

• Practical information
• Online election for Congress delegates
• How to participate in the ALDE Party Congress
• General Assembly
• Motions for resolutions
• Nominees Congress delegates to be found at the bottom of this page

Practical information

The 36th Congress of the Alliance of Liberals & Democrats for Europe Party will take place from Thursday 19 - Saturday 21 November 2015 in Budapest, Hungary.

The ALDE Party is looking forward to welcoming you to Budapest in November for three days of exciting debates, crucial elections, and social gatherings.

This page contains specific information for the individual members of the ALDE Party. All individual members are invited to attend the Congress. Two members shall participate as a delegate while other individual members will be able to participate as a guest at the Congress.

For practical information on the venue of the Congress and hotels that have special deals for participants of the Congress, travel and transport advice etcetera, navigate through the pages via the tabs on the right side of this page to find out all the practical information you will need about the ALDE Party Congress 2015.

Online election Congress delegates

Individual members will send two Congress delegates to represent them at the ALDE Party Congress. To determine who are the two delegates, an online election will be held in September.

The delegates have the right to take part in the meetings of the Congress and to voice their opinion in plenary but do not yet have the right to vote.

The two delegates must organise and pay for their travel and accommodation. Travel costs will be reimbursed after the Congress, up to an amount of 250€.

Every member who is up to date with his or her membership fee by 1 September 2015, will be able to vote and can nominate her or himself for the election. Nominees need one other individual member to endorse their nomination.

You can nominate yourself until Wednesday 16 September 12h00 CET. To nominate send an e-mail to with your name, membership number and a short motivation (max. 40 words) and a picture.

How to participate in the ALDE Party Congress if you are not a delegate

Individual members will be able to participate as a guest at the Congress. They can participate in the meetings of the Congress but do not have the right to speak in the plenary or vote. To be able to participate you need to be up to date with your membership contribution. To participate in the ALDE Party Congress, you need to register your participation at Registration is open. Where it says "organisation" please select the "individual member" option. 

Participation in the ALDE Party Congress is free for individual members who are up to date with paying their membership contribution. However, participants must organise and pay for their travel and accommodation!

General Assembly for individual members

The steering committee will organise a general assembly type meeting for individual members of the ALDE Party. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday afternoon 19 November 2015 and will discuss the recent activities and developments for individual members in Europe as well as a to receive an update on the comprehensive strategy to increase the relevance of the individual members both in number as well as in terms of impact on liberalism in Europe.

Motions for resolutions – how individual members can submit amendments

The two individual member delegates, after consulting the other individual members and the steering committee, can submit amendments to the motions for resolutions that will be discussed at the Congress.

How will it work in practice? In October, the motions for resolutions will be made available online. Individual members democratically and collectively will decide which amendments shall be submitted on behalf of them. The two individual members delegates will lead the discussions.

Those draft amendments that are supported by a simple majority of individual members (majority of those voting) will be submitted by the individual member delegates to the ALDE Party secretariat and will be included in the discussions at the ALDE Party Congress. The two delegates are expected to defend the amendments submitted by individual members.

For your information, individual members do not (yet) have the right to submit motions for resolutions.

Deadlines Timetable

ALDE Party Congress, Budapest, 19-21 November 2015

1. Tuesday 1 September 2015 (deadline)
Final date to pay your individual membership fee. Every individual member who paid by this date will be able to vote and can nominate her or himself for the delegate election.
2. Wednesday 16 September 2015 at 12h00 CET (deadline) Final date for submitting nomination as candidate for individual member delegate to the ALDE Party Secretariat:

3. Week of 21 September 2015

Individual members who are up to date with paying their membership fee will receive an invitation to elect two delegates. Members will have one week to vote.

4. Week of 5 October 2015
Announcement of the election results of the two delegates

Congress delegates

Chris Pyak and Aikaterini Polyzou are elected as the two delegates (The results were published on 5 October 2015).

Michael Iakovides2015 is a cross roads for Greece and the European Union. I firmly believe that both ALDE and the ALDE individual members can make a difference in the coming year and the roots for this will be set in Budapest conference. 
Sid Lukkassen

Serious challenges await our generation: geopolitical tensions, financial clashes, an aging population. As number #0020 Associate Member, I answer challenges with liberal values: innovation, entrepreneurship, mobility. I stand for a Europe, not of guilt and debt, but of culture and strength.   

Marco Marazzi

I have always been committed to a more integrated Europe based on the four freedoms and respect of citizens' fundamental rights. I am also heading a pan-European campaign Therefore, I am in a good position to keep contacts with other IMs.

Piero Messina

Europe (and many European countries) desperately need the values ALDE promotes. Europe’s crisis is magnified by the shortcoming of European integration. We need inject a new life to the European project. I will engage to make the outcome of the Congress both visionary and concrete.

Aikaterini Polyzou (elected)

"Even though I was born in Greece, I grew up in Europe. Despite the crisis and the problems we are facing today, I will continue the fight to keep Europe a place of freedom and respect for all."

Kind Regards,

Polyzou Aikaterini

Chris Pyak (elected)Every day I meet talented and motivated Europeans – who don’t get an opportunity. They get rejected not based on skills – but because of their “foreign” passport.  As an international recruiter I provide career opportunities. As your delegate I would be honoured to improve “life chances” (R.Dahrendorf) for Europeans.

The election procedure:

The ALDE Party secretariat received six nominations from individual members who would like to represent individual members at the ALDE Party Congress in Lisbon. The six candidates all fulfilled the criteria - an endorsement by another member and to have paid the membership fee.

Individual members who were eligible to vote (all those members who paid by 1 September) received an e-mail from the "Simply voting" online voting tool with all voting details on how to participate in the online voting. Voting was open between Monday 28 September 08h00 (Brussels time) and Monday 5 October 08h00 (Brussels time). You had to make two choices, as there will be two delegates. The two candidates who received the most votes are elected.