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European Democracy

Throughout the history of the party, European Liberal Democrats have pushed for a continuous development of the European Union and its institutions towards further integration and democratisation. Find an overview of 35 years of adopted liberal policies within this area.

Congress in Warsaw, Poland, December 2016

Promoting Culture of Experimentation through Europe

Council in Oslo, Norway, May 2015

Release of political prisoners in Russia, Azerbaijan and Belarus

Council in Pula, Croatia, May 2013

The pan-European development of the ALDE Party

EP Election 2014 – procedure on nomination of common liberal top candidate(s)

Congress in Palermo, Italy, November 2011

A Single Seat for the European Parliament

A single seat for the European Parliament

Congress in Stuttgart, Germany, March 1976

Stuttgart Declaration

Council in Dresden, Germany, May 2011

In Defence of Schengen

Congress in Helsinki, Finland, October 2010

Empowering EU citizens a new Opportunity to Empower the Citizens

Congress in Barcelona, Catalonia, November 2009

European Citizenship From Dream to Reality

Establishing a System of Substitutes in the European Parliament

Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2008

Manifesto - European Liberals Top 15 for EP Elections

Independence of the Judiciary

Congress in Berlin, Germany, October 2007

Presidency of the European Commission

A Liberal Europe for a Free World

Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia, September 2005

European Constitution

Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2003

ELDR Manifesto for European Parliament Elections

Congress in Bath, United Kingdom, October 2002

Guiding Principles for the Work of the Convention

Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2001

Belgian EU Presidency

Congress in Berlin, Germany, April 1999

Manifesto - Unity in Freedom: the Liberal Challenge for Europe

Manifeste 1999: Faire la Différence

Congress in Bruxelles, Belgium, Mai 1996

La déclaration de Vienne du Parti ELDR

Congress in Vienna, Austria, July 1996

Vienna declaration

Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, July 1995

Putting Citizens First

Congress in Torquay, United Kingdom, December 1993

Manifesto - Building a Citizens Europe

Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 1992

Concluding Statements Copenhagen

Council in Brussels, Belgium, October 1992

The European Community After the Birmingham Summit

Results of the Maastricht Summit

Congress in Poitiers, France, June 1991

The European Union to Come

Congress in Shannon, Ireland, June 1990

Unsatisfactory European Council in Dublin

New Horizons for Europe

Congress in Luxembourg, December 1988

Manifesto - A Europe of Free and Caring Citizens

The Creation of a European Legal Academy

Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, April 1987

Direct Elections

Congress in Groningen, The Netherlands, June 1985

L'établissement du programme liberal et démocrate dans la perspective des élections européennes de 1989

Uniform Electoral System for the European Elections

European Institutions

An ELD Programme for the 1989 Euro Elections

Congress in Munich, Germany, December 1983

Manifesto - For a Liberal and Democratic Europe

The Athens Summit

Congress in Venice, Italy, May 1982

Action on Direct Elections

European Union

European Act

Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1981

Cooperation between the ELD Federation and the Liberal and Democratic Group of the EP

Call for an Electoral System of Strict Proportionality for European Elections

Congress in Paris, France, February 1980

The Electoral Procedure for Direct Elections to the European Parliament

Congress in Brussels, Belgium, November 1977

Manifesto for First Direct European Parliament Elections

Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands, November 1976

Manifesto for 1978 European Parliament Elections

Direct Elections

End to biased and unprofessional election observation missions