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Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs have always been at the core of European Liberals’ agenda. Since the founding of the European Liberal Party in 1976, European Liberals have wholeheartedly supported a construction and reunification of Europe by inter alia fair and open EC/EU enlargement, based on applicants implementation of European standards and visa liberalisation processes. Find an overview of 35 years of adopted liberal policies within this area, or consult the different resolutions below.

Congress in Warsaw, Poland, December 2016

Consequences of UK Referendum on Brexit

EU - NATO defence cooperation

On the Protection of Democracy and Freedom of Speech in Ukraine

Support Civil Society and Genuine Democracy in Russia

The War in Yemen

On the situation in Ukraine

Armed Drones (Weaponised Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - WUAVs)

Council in Oslo, Norway, May 2015

Towards a New Asylum and Migration Policy for Europe

Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, November 2014

Securing the Peace in Europe, strengthening Europe’s Foreign and Security Policy

Council in Brussels, Belgium, June 2014

Resolution on Ukraine

Council in Vienna, Austria, May 2014

Increased Efforts for Sustainable Development

Congress in London, United Kingdom, November 2013

EU–Ukraine Association Agreement

Council in Pula, Croatia, May 2013

Sectarian violence in Iraq

Republic of Moldova`s accession to the EU – The unique chance for democratization and modernization of society

Congress in Dublin, Ireland, November 2012

Arms Trade

On the Recent Developments in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Civil War in Syria

Developments in Mali

Iranian Nuclear Weapons

Council in Yerevan, Armenia, May 2012

UN Arms Trade Treaty

Reunification of the Island of Cyprus

Congress in Palermo, Italy, November 2011

European External Action Service - EU Foreign Policy

On Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine

New Diplomacy With Focus on the Middle East and North Africa

Recent Developments in Egypt

Recent Developments in Syria

Prospects of war with Iran

New Diplomacy With Focus on the Middle East and North Africa

Council in Dresden, Germany, May 2011

Registration of Political Parties in Russia

Stop Persecution of Russian Human Rights Activist

Armenian Prisoners

Congress in Helsinki, Finland, October 2010

Osijek Declaration

European Integration of Iceland

European Future of Western Balkans

Turkeys Anti Terror Law and Childrens Rights

Afghanistan Transferring Responsibilities and Power

EU Moroccan Fisheries Agreement

EU Russia Relations

Kosovan Independence

Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Control Using the New Momentum in the Debate for a Global Zero

Council in Rome, Italy, March 2010

The European External Action Service

The Situation in Cuba

The Situation in Iran

Consolidation of the Union for the Mediterranean

Regional Elections in Russia

Visa Liberalisation for Kosovo

Congress in Barcelona, Catalonia, November 2009

Latin America and the Totalitarian Temptation

Call for Democracy in Iran

Arms Trade


The Normalisation of Turkish-Armenian Relations

Turkeys Accession to the EU

The Mediterranean Region

The European Future of Kosovo

Russian Elections

Speeding up the European Integration Process of Serbia

Constitutional Changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina



Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2009

Emergency Resolution on Moldova

Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2008

The European Future of Moldova

For a Visa Free Regime in the Western Balkans

Stop the Bloodshed in North Kivu

Response to the Conflict in Georgia


Bosnia Herzegovina

Council in Tallinn, Estonia, April 2008


Developments in Turkey

Congress in Berlin, Germany, October 2007

EU Enlargement

Cuba Call for a Peaceful Regime


The Final Status of Kosovo

Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Northern Cyprus



Congress in Bucharest, Romania, October 2006

Theme Resolution on the Internal Security and Defence Policy of the European Union

Towards a Common Internal and External European Energy Policy

The External Security and Defence Policy of the European Union

Situation in Kosovo and Serbia

Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia, September 2005

The Rights of the Kurdish Population in Turkey



The Terrorist Attacks

The Mediterranean

Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2003

The EU Defence Policy

The situation in Iraq

The Situation in Russia Before Elections

Congress in Bath, United Kingdom, October 2002

Progress on Enlargement


Countering Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Cote d'Ivoire

Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2001


Comprehensive Political Solution for South East Europe

Terrorist Attacks in the USA on September 11th

Security and Cooperation in the Middle East

EU Visa Policy for Taiwan

Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2001

Enlargement of Europe

Against Transition Periods

Congress in Tenerife, Spain, September 2000

Transparency of the Accession Process

The Enlargement of a Reformed Union

EU Membership Application of Turkey

Democracy in Yugoslavia

Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2000
Congress in Berlin, Germany, April 1999

The Situation in Kosovo and the FRY

Council in Brussels, Belgium, March 1998

The Situation in Kosovo

The Situation in Algeria

Political Situation in Slovakia

Council in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1998

Peace and Reconciliation in the Balkans

Congress in Brussels, Belgium, September 1997

War Criminals

The Middle East Peace Process


Scottish Parliament

Congress in Vienna, Austria, July 1996


Situation in Turkey

Northern Ireland

Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, July 1995

Nuclear Testing

The Ongoing War in Bosnia

Search for Peace and Justice in Northern Ireland

Council in Rome, Italy, December 1995

Welcoming the Dayton Agreements

Europe Agreement With Slovenia

Congress in Torquay, United Kingdom, December 1993

European Spending for the Atlantic Regions

Terrorist Violence in Austria

Terrorism in Northern Ireland

Critical Position in Former Yugoslavia

Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 1993

The Situation in Former Yugoslavia

Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 1992

Need to Stop Mass Murder in Part of Europe

The Situation in Northern Ireland

Congress in Poitiers, France, June 1991

The Situation in the Baltic States

The Situation in Cyprus

Renewed Massacres in Iraq

The Crisis in Yugoslavia

The Disturbing Situation in Romania

Council in Brussels, Belgium, December 1991

Former Yugoslavia

Congress in Shannon, Ireland, June 1990

UN SGs visit to Albania

Soviet Union / Support for the Baltic States

Northern Ireland

Congress in Luxembourg, December 1988


Earthquake in the Soviet Republic of Armenia

Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, April 1987

South Africa

European Defence

The East West Conflict

Congress in Groningen, The Netherlands, June 1985

External Security


Congress in Venice, Italy, May 1982



Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1981

Community Enlargement

Congress in Paris, France, February 1980

Soviet Union Olympic Games