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Human Rights

Enfranchisement of Gibraltar

The Risks for the Democracy in Europe Derived From Media Concentration

Towards a Liberal European Asylum Policy

Trafficking in Human Beings

Digital Freedoms

Peoples Access to the Electoral System in Russia

Privacy the EU is Not My Big Brother

Protection of Persons Belonging to Linguistic Minorities in the EU

The Citizens Right to Free Communication and Freedom of Expression in an Online World

The Failure to Prohibit Capital Punishment in Russia

Uniting for liberty

The Challenges From Multi Cultural Societies in a Globalised World

Europe is Our Home - No Visas

Human Dignity is a Human Right

Policies and Instruments for the Management of Linguistic Diversity in Europe

Full Participation of Women in Politics

Resolution About Gibraltar

Ending Trafficking of Human Beings

Resolution European Media Policy

Against Undermining the Religious Peace by Overexposed and Biased Charges Against Bulgarian Citizens

Dissident Activity in Northern Ireland

Fighting Against the Retention of Telecommunications Data

Freedom of Movement for All Families in Europe

Freedom of the Media and Freedom of Speech in Turkey

Global Digital Freedom

LGBTI Rights

Monitoring of Respect for Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe

Reprisals against YABLOKO Activists and Dissenters in Russia

Resolution on European Cup Final

Resolution on Psychiatry in Soviet

Situation of European Minorities

All Cuban Political Prisoners Must Be Released

Civil Liberties in the European Union

Data Retention Directive

Preventing Human Trafficking

Release Ashtiani

Release Political Prisoners in Armenia

Roma People in Europe

A strong focus on The Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe

Azerbaijanäó» freedom under pressure

Political crisis in Spain: Catalan president (CDC) facing prosecution

Resolution on Human Rights

Resolution on the Lome convention

2011-2012 Elections in Russia

A Common European Asylum System Based on Solidarity

Deletion of Criminal Online Content, Not Merely Blocking

Fostering Democracy and Protecting Human Rights

Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan

Prison Systems

Prohibition of All Forms of Violence Against Children, Including Physical and Humiliating Punishment

Safe and Legal Abortion in the EU

The New Hungarian Constitution

Resolution Protection of Minority Rights in Slovakia

Full Access to Information on the Work of Elected Officials

The International Labour Organisation Convention

Womens Entitlement Over Their Own Bodies

Resolution Access to Documents in the EU

Resolution Equal Representation as a Common Liberal Goal

Resolution Violence against Women

The Use of Languages in the European Union

Threats to the Freedom of Expression

Resolution on Poland

Resolution Preparing for the Information Society

Womenäó»s Right to Decide Over Their Own Body

Urgency resolution on Macedonia

Italian Immigration Policies

Italian Regional Elections

Support to Syrian Refugees

Standing Up for Azerbaijan’s Civil Society

Shaping a modern liberal approach to migration

Protecting the Rights of LGBTI Asylum Seekers

Preventing extremist violence and defending Europe's liberal principles

Safeguarding European Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press

On the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova