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Market & Economics

European liberal democrats believe in an economy that is based on market principles where individual economic and political freedoms are guaranteed as the most effective system for ensuring future prosperity, encouraging competiveness and ensuring longer-term employment. Therefore, the ALDE Party has consistently been promoting free trade and a fully functioning European Single Market for the benefit of consumers and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Find an overview of 35 years of adopted liberal policies within this area or consult the different resolutions below.

Council in Oslo, Norway, May 2015

Greece and the Eurozone

Protecting the European Single Market

Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, November 2014

Combatting tax havens

Regulation in the Digital Economy - the shared economy

Resolution on Green Growth and Bioeconomy

Congress in Dublin, Ireland, November 2012

European Ports Policy

Financing of SMEs

The Future of the Economic and Monetary Union

EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020

On the Troika Report Concerning Greece

Urging Norway to stop its Protectionist Policies

Bringing the Shadow Economy in Europe under Better Control

Small Businesses

Sovereign Debt Crisis

Tax Policy

Transeuropean Transport Network, TEN-T

Council in Yerevan, Armenia, May 2012

Fiscal discipline as precondition for economic growth in the EU

Congress in Palermo, Italy, November 2011

Liberals for Solidarity

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region - Implementation Challenges

The Further Liberalisation and Expansion of the European Railway Market

Theme resolution, A budget for Europe: liberal priorities for the EU budget 2014-2020

Liberal Responses to the Debt Crisis

Congress in Helsinki, Finland, October 2010

A Credible and Solid Currency

Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

Congress in Barcelona, Catalonia, November 2009

Theme Resolution on Liberal Answers For A New Prosperity

The Lisbon Process is Needed as Never Before

Call For Full Implementation of the Services Directive

Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2009

Liberal Responses to the Financial Crisis

Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2008

Womens Entrepreneurship

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Crisis in the Financial Markets

Congress in Berlin, Germany, October 2007

Further Steps Towards a Strong and Competitive Internal Market

EU Budget

Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia, September 2005

Yes an Internal Market for Services Will Bring Extra Jobs and Wealth for Europe!

Working Together for a Competitive Europe

Congress in Bath, United Kingdom, October 2002

More respect for the European Stability Pact

Freedom for Growth

Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2001

Contributing to Third World Development

Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2001

Transitional Periods for Free Movement of Workers From Accession Countries

Congress in Brussels, Belgium, September 1997

Creating Employment

Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, July 1995

Fighting Fraud in the European Union

Creating Employment Improving Competitiveness

Congress in Torquay, United Kingdom, December 1993

Urgency Resolution 7

Council in Strasbourg, France, October 1989

Monetary Union

Congress in Luxembourg, December 1988

Railway Links

Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, April 1987

Research and Development

The Community of the Twelve: Solidarity and Cohesion

Congress in Catania, Italy, April 1986

The Individual and the State in Relation to Enterprise and New Industry

Congress in Venice, Italy, May 1982

Youth Unemployment in the Community

Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1981

Youth Unemployment

Trade Policy

EEC Regional Fund

Female Unemployment

Congress in London, United Kingdom, December 1978

Transport Policy

European Monetary System