Country Coordinators


Armenia: Nana Bagratyan

Austria: Bernd Pinzer and Susanne Wunderer

Belgium (Flanders): Danny de Kayser

Belgium (Wallonia): Latifa Ait-Baala

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Jasmina Mrso

Croatia: Vjeran Filippi

Cyprus: Christopher Sofroniou

Denmark: Finn Hartvig Nielsen and Rene Birger Pedersen

Estonia: Natalija Kostrikova

Finland: Umair Malik

France (Bordeaux): Robert Arthur Crane

France (Lyon): Jacques Fayette

France (Paris): Pascal Hureau and Antoine Kergadallan

France (Provence): Olivia Psachin

France (Pas de Calais): Helene van de Walle

France (Marseille): Pierre Payan

France (Nantes): Yves Robert

Germany (East): Thomas Phillipp Reiter

Germany (North): Wolf Achim Wiegand

Germany (South): Sven Gossel

Greece: Dimitris Mitrou

Hungary: Richard Retezi

Italy (Centre): Diana Severati

Italy (Islands): Giovanni Iannello Leone

Italy (North East): Alberto Ruggin

Italy (North West): Francesco Condò

Italy (South): Francesco Avolio

Latvia: Natalija Kostrikova

Lithuania: Natalija Kostrikova

Malta: John Zammit

Moldova: Stefan Botnar

Montenegro: Satka Hajdarpašić

Netherlands: Michel Schutter

North Macedonia: Marija Indjevska and Olivera Nikolova

Norway: Alf Helge Greaker and Bernhard Siebert

Poland: Karolina Derynska

Portugal: Miguel Duarte

Romania: Stefan Bichler

Serbia: Igor Lavs

Slovenia: Anja Fabiani

Spain: Nadia Bennis and Rafael Villaró

Sweden: Vladan Lausevic

Switzerland: Marco Weber and Phillippe Geyer

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