23 Jun, 2021

Danish ALDE members join Folkemødet to discuss the future of politics

ALDE Party members Venstre and Radikale Venstre in Denmark joined the traditional political festival Folkemødet last week together with other Danish political parties and engaged citizens to discuss and debate some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, leader of Venstre, held his party leader speech on the second day of the festival, highlighting the need for economic recovery and the importance of youth education as well as creating opportunities for young people, among others.

“Our young people are among those who have suffered the most during the corona [crisis]. One hopeless day has been followed by another. But for many young people, the life after corona also comes with lacking opportunities,” Ellemann-Jensen said.

“Too many find themselves on the edge of the labour market. Let’s use the upcoming recovery to actually do something about it.”

Watch the full speech here (in Danish, from 12:55)

In her intervention, Radikale Venstre leader Sofie Carsten Nielsen reflected on the current state of politics in Denmark and underlined the need to work together with people to build a common future:

“Politics as we know it is not up to the task. Big problems will not be solved. Because politics is lacking oxygen, ideas and vision. Politics is no longer the place where we can dream big about the society and what it could be. […] That is why we need to think politics outside the box. At least if we want radical changes that actually make people’s lives radically better.”

“[…] In the future, politics must be made together with the people it is about, not above their heads. In my world, you can be a citizen outside of the parliament and place an idea to the table that actually makes a difference inside the parliament.”

Watch the full speech here (in Danish)

Moreover, the European Commission Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager joined the festival to discuss the future of Europe, how the connection between citizens and the EU can be re-established and what institutional reforms might be needed in the future.

Watch the full contribution by Vestager here (in Danish)

Photo credit: Martin Stampe, Radikale Venstre 2017. 

Photo credit: Sofie Paisley, News Øresund 2020. 

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