10 May, 2022

Decoster: A strong Europe is needed, now more than ever

On 9 May, Europe Day, Renew Europe CoR President, François Decoster attended the last meeting of the Conference on the Future of Europe in Strasbourg, France, with celebrations taking place in the context of the war in Ukraine.

“The challenges that launched the European project at the time – such as food security, energy supply, our own security industry – are at the heart of the European agenda. That’s why celebrating Europe Day this year is particular given that the challenges that launched the European project are at stake. We need important decisions, and that’s why on 9 May we met in Strasbourg for the final recommendations of the Conference on the Future of Europe”, said Decoster.

Several other members, including but not limited to Jean-Noel Verfaillie, Mayor of Marly, France, or Manuel Alejandro Cardenete, regional minister for Education and sports of Andalusia, Spain also marked this occasion in their cities and region(s).

Photo credit: François Decoster

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