Join our fight against LGBT free-zones

ALDE Party has always fought against the discrimination of individuals in all forms.
We are 
a longtime advocate of assuring equal rights for all people, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.

We are appalled to see that in the EU, some countries still have so-called ‘LGBT-free zones’.

In Poland, more than 100 regions have declared themselves 'LGBT ideology free zones'.
This goes beyond words and symbolism. This is a clear attack on the fundamental rights of citizens.

Furthermore, extremists recently attacked Nowoczesna MP Monika Rosa’s parliamentary office, vandalising her place of work.

This violence and discrimination must stop. 

Transphobia, homophobia and hate-filled discourse do not have a place in Europe. This is why we fully support Renew Europe’s resolution to declare the European Union as a freedom zone for all LGBTI people.

The resolution will be debated in the next European Parliament plenary between 8-11 March.

Show your support by signing this petition and be represented in the European Parliament!

724 people have added their name

Want to do more?

Unfortunately, there are still some MEPs that are against this initiative.
Tell the group leaders of the political groups in the European Parliament, who are reluctant to vote in favour, that you are against LGBTI discrimination in Europe and demand their support to make the EU a freedom zone.

  • MEP Manfred Weber (CDU, Germany), Leader of the Group of the European People's Party (EPP).
  • MEP Marco Zanni (Lega, Italy), Leader of the Identity and Democracy Group (ID).
  • MEP Raffaele Fitto (Fratelli d'Italia, Italy), Co-leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR).

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