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European Women’s Academy

Welcome to the ALDE Party’s European Women’s Academy of political leadership and campaigning(EWA). Launched in 2016, the EWA is our annual programme training women how to be successful in elections, and in their future political careers.

Why we need the EWA

Being a female politician is not easy!

Our European Women’s Academy aims to empower female candidates of Liberal parties with additional skills to pursue their career goals. Too many parties in many countries are doing poorly in involving and electing women into political office. The EWA seeks to in a tangible way inspire female candidates and provide them with the knowledge and tools to take the next step in becoming influential in politics and getting elected.

“Women in politics still face a lot of obstacles and challenges. I have personally experienced that being a candidate or even a frontrunner is not an easy task. However, I’ve gone my way and I want to advocate and speak up for young women to make it easier for them. Encouraging and motivating women is an essential step in the direction of achieving gender equality. We need to inspire and connect dedicated women to support their strength and talents.”

ALDE Party Vice President Angelika Mlinar MEP

What is the EWA?

The EWA provides a state-of-the-art training programme for women to have an immediate result in their upcoming elections. The group consists of liberal women from across Europe who have elections within the next two years. After attending the academy, women are inspired and enriched with the knowledge and tools to take the next steps in becoming influential in politics. Having more influence equals getting elected

The EWA helping liberal women to win!

Four of our 2016 candidates have already been elected. What’s more, many of our candidates have yet to face their elections – so watch this space for even more success stories!

Our EWA needs you

To continue the EWA year on year, and ensure we keep the same high-quality training we have now, we need supporters on board.

Get in touch!

For any questions regarding how you can support the EWA, please contact ALDE Party’s Fundraising and Engagement Officer Laura Owen at or +32 2 237 01 47

For any questions regarding details of the EWA programme, please contact ALDE Party’s EWA Coordinator Laura Laussade at or +32 471 81 13 15.