08 Jan, 2019

FDP leader: Now there are new opportunities

The German Free Democrats opened the political year 2019 at their traditional three king meeting in Stuttgart. In his speech, FDP leader Christian Lindner spoke in favour of strengthening the broad centre, which works every day to develop Germany's prosperity. With an agenda for the industrious people, "these many millions of industrious people" should be supported and relieved, according to Lindner. Unlike Friedrich Merz, who failed with such an agenda in the struggle for the CDU party chairmanship, Lindner also demanded a liberal way in social policy. "We not only need an agenda for the hard-working, but also an agenda for self-determination and liberalism," says Lindner.


Lindner also addressed Europe in his speech, in view of the upcoming European elections in May of this year. He said: “It's about defending our common European civil and liberal values. And I am proud that we are on the side of Emmanuel Macron and other liberals and moderates in the European election campaign and not like the CDU on the side of Viktor Orbán.”

“We want a Europe of strength, diversity, freedom that really solves people's problems and that is why we are going into this European election with these clear alternatives. We want a Europe of freedom and diversity, and those who want it must make the Free Democrats strong. This European election 2019, which is not like in the past a national protest election, this European election is a European choice of direction.”

FDP's lead candidate for the European elections, Nicola Beer, made it clear that: "Europe is the roof we live under. It's our life insurance. Germany needs Europe in order to survive with its traditions and its social model. Now is the time to make this Europe better. Together with En Marche, the Free Democrats wanted to fight for a Europe of reforms."

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