30 Apr, 2024

First-time liberal voters share 2024 vision

The upcoming European elections will be particularly special for first-time voters. Together with LYMEC, our European liberal youth organisation, we reached out to numerous active young liberals to find out what motivates them to live and breathe politics at such a young age.

Discover why they are choosing to vote liberal, and what their hopes are for 2024 and beyond!

This article was originally published in ALDE Party's Liberal Bulletin in April 2024. Click here to read the full publication.

“The European elections are my chance to shape the future of my country and the broader European community. My vote is a voice for my values, beliefs, and hopes for a more inclusive society, for freedom and peace, for more liberal and progressive Europe, and for a better future for my generation,” said Mustafa Ali (YMRF, BG).

"As a young woman, I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to vote! It serves as a strong reminder of how far we’ve come since women were denied the vote in the past. These elections represent a chance for equal participation and empowerment, acknowledging the struggles for equality that came before us," said Vana Habeshian (Neo.DEPA, CY).

"I believe this election is important for the future of Europe, which I currently see as stagnating. The European growth levels are simply way too low compared to the United States – that is the main issue I hope will be addressed by the new Parliament," said Nicklas Pedersen (Venstres Ungdom, DK).

"Estonia’s political landscape is very divided and hostile: there is a lot of hatred between parties, even if they have the same views. I believe that being liberal is the only way to be for the people. Equality and justice are my leading factors for voting liberal," said Bianca Elizabeth Kruup (Reforminoored, EE).

"I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in such an important election. It feels empowering to have a say in shaping the future of the European Union, it is a chance to be part of something bigger. I am thankful to live and vote in the EU and to defend the values it stands for," said Teresa Tykhonyuk (Julis, DE).

"Under Orbán’s regime, our hopes to become a modern, developed European country were dashed, alongside our ideas and political views. We must turn out in large numbers and show our compatriots across the continent that not all of us are like Orbán and that our aspiration of a fully-fledged return to Europe remains," said Balazs Rekettye (Momentum TizenX, HU).

"I write this sitting on a train that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the European Union. In Ireland today, populist parties which promise everything to everyone are on the rise. I joined Fianna Fáil as the party that helps ordinary people, and I’m proud that it was my party that brought Ireland into the EU," said Padraig Cawley (Ógra Fianna Fáil, IE).

"These European elections are crucial not only for our continent, but for the future of liberal democracy. Europe needs to take responsibility for our own future and step up its support for the Ukrainian fight for freedom. This means it’s more important than ever for me to strengthen the liberal voices in the European Parliament," said Edvin Mårtensson (LUF, SE).

LYMEC’s 2024 Manifesto Priorities

  • Globalise democracy and freedom: Ukraine must win!
  • Create economic growth through free and fair trade worldwide
  • Save our future by fighting the climate and energy crises
  • Solve the migration crisis through solidarity, reliability and fairness
  • Increase security and defence capabilities through close cooperation
  • Promote upward social mobility by tackling youth unemployment
  • Expand the potential of the single market through harmonised competition
  • Defend our democracy, rule of law and human rights
  • Create innovation and defend civil liberties in the digital age
  • Fix EUr future: Institutional reform and enlargement of the Union

Click here to read LYMEC’s Manifesto for the 2024 European elections. You can follow LYMEC on Facebook, X and Instagram.

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