19 Oct, 2018

For hope, freedom and innovation

The European elections are just 7 months away. In these elections, you will have a clear choice – between hope and fear; between freedom and suppression; between status quo and innovation. It is time for Liberals to take the fight and win the battle for hope, freedom, and innovation – join us in the fight today!

Today’s Conservatives try to claim the word liberalism for their own, but make no mistake, they may look like a new face but they represent all the dangers of the status quo – a status quo which has failed Europe’s citizens and embraced extreme populists like Orban and Bannon. Liberals are no longer content to sit back and let the European dream decline in the hands of those only motivated by their own self-interest.

Liberalism is a genuine trust in people – people like you, and that is something worth fighting for.

Perhaps you missed our e-mail campaign from last week. Therefore here is another chance to sign up here to tell us why you want to join the fight for Europe’s future!


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