26 Nov, 2021

Four liberal ministers to take office in the new German government

On 24 November, German ALDE Party member Freie Demokratische Partei (Free Democratic Party) presented its government agreement together with the Greens and Social Democrats, the so-called ‘traffic light coalition’.

After five weeks of negotiating across 22 working groups with 300 party negotiators, FDP party leader Christian Lindner presented the plan for coming years, titled “Mehr Forschritt Wagen” (‘Dare to Make More Progress’).

If the decision-making bodies of all participating parties approve this coalition text, it will be the first time the three parties will govern together. German liberals will convene at their party conference on 5 December to have a vote on the agreement. After an intense negotiation process FDP reports several important wins for the German liberals, find out more here (in German).

These wins include policies to achieve more solid finances with no tax increases, investments in clean technologies and digitisation, less bureaucracy, and a better education system. German liberals foresee more freedom and individual responsibility such as voting rights as of 16 years old, more digital rights and ending discrimination on sexual identity. Herewith, FDP wants to secure long-term prosperity in a social-ecological free market economy with no protectionism or unfair trade practices.

It is expected that party leader Lindner will become Finance Minister, Alliance Of Her alumna Bettina Stark-Watzinger Minister of Education and Research, Marco Buschmann Minister of Justice, and Dr. Volker Wissing Minister of  Transport. Social Democrat Olaf Scholz will lead the government as next Chancellor, succeeding Angela Merkel after 16 years.

When presenting this plan, Lindner called upon all citizens, no matter who they voted for, to support the agreement and to work collectively for a freer, just, and sustainable Germany.

We dare to make more progress. For freedom, justice, and sustainability. The tasks and projects are large. That's why the traffic light parties will need support from more people than those who voted for us. I hope so. Because it's about our country,” he said.

ALDE Party acting Co-President and MRF MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk congratulated Christian Lindner on the formation of the new coalition.

“Congratulations to FDP and its leader, Christian Lindner on the formation of a new coalition government in Germany. This diverse coalition is a testament to the resilience and vibrancy of the people of Germany and Europe is counting on you to lead us throughout the challenges ahead,” he said.

Svenja Hahn MEP, FDP and ALDE Party member who took part in the coalition talks, also reacted pleased with the agreement and shared her highlights: 

“The Coalition agreement promises a modernization of our country! Finally real reforms for retirement, work, and education. Social liberalization, strengthening of civil rights & digitization boost. EU focus on foreign & fair free trade. Progress made in Germany!”

Renew Europe Group Leader Stephane Séjourné said: “This is a new start of Germany in the heart of the European Union and I wish all the best to the German liberals and coalition partners.”

You can re-watch the presentation here and have a look at the agreement here (in German).

Photo credit: FDP

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