Welcome to Europe's Biggest Liberal Club!

Friends of ALDE is a European network of liberals who stand up for human rights, equality, and the rule of law. It is a platform for communication and a well of resources aimed at giving you the chance to have your say in the liberal future of tomorrow.

Network with like-minded liberals

Friends of ALDE is your chance to discuss key liberal topics with like-minded people from across Europe as well as across your own country. With both online and in-person events organized several times a year, trainings and workshops and the possibility of working together on policy development, Friends of ALDE brings the liberals of Europe together to co-create the future.

Special events with key Liberal Leaders

Your opinion on the issues that most impact your life matters to us. That is why Friends of ALDE have access to exclusive regular meetings with key ALDE Party and Renew Europe leaders. This is your chance to discuss the most pressing liberal issues of our times with those able to carry your message further.

Exclusive Access to our Liberal Library

We already know that you’re a supporter of democratic liberalism, but how would you like to learn a little bit more about it? Our Liberal Library contains a wealth of resources that you can use as a Friend of ALDE to brush up on your knowledge. 

And because a library’s charm resides in its in-person events, Friends of ALDE benefit from regular trainings and workshops in collaboration with liberal foundations.

Unique insights into the ALDE Party

Every club needs a little bit of structure to help things run as smoothly as possible. Soon, Friends of ALDE will elect a Chairperson to represent them as a whole in relation to the ALDE Party Bureau, as well as Country Coordinators to organize local events and keep the local community connected. 

Would you like to take on a leadership role? Join us today!

Become a published author

Whether you live in a small town on the outskirts of Europe or in the heart of Brussels, the ALDE Party blog is a safe space for you to write about the topics that matter to you, from farming policies to artificial intelligence, from fiscal policy to local culture. 

While the audience is global, submissions are exclusive to the Friends of ALDE.

Early access to events and more!

Our team stays busy throughout the year organizing campaigns and events for the general public. To make sure that the Friends of ALDE are always guaranteed a spot at the table, you get early access to our events and campaigns and will be notified ahead of time of our upcoming plans.

Contribute to our policies

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Constitutional Affairs / Legal Affairs / Electoral Law
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