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ALDE Party Gender Equality Network

About the Network

The ALDE Party Gender Equality Network campaigns for gender equality and the promotion of women´s rights in all spheres of public and private life.

The ALDE Party Gender Equality Network believes that all genders should fully participate as equals in economic, social and political life and wants to see more women in politics at all levels. To this end, the ALDE Party Gender Equality Network works to strengthen the relationships and sharing of information between liberals across Europe. We strongly believe that liberalism is at the core of gender equality.

History of the ALDE Party Gender Equality Network

Our Values

The objectives of the ALDE Party Gender Equality Network are:

  • To support the formulation and implementation of gender equality policies within the member parties, EU member states, the European Parliament and the European Commission.
  • To attract more women to be active members of liberal parties across Europe and help and encourage them to reach their potential within the party.
  • To support the participation of women in the public sphere of the European Union.


 Angelika Mlinar MEP, NEOS, Austria

 Angelika has been the Chairperson of ALDE GEN since September 2016. She has been an MEP and ALDE Party Vice President since 2014. Sitting on the Committee  on Women's Rights and Gender Equality as well as on teh Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and teh Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home  Affairs, she pursues the goal of creating a united and stronger Europe. Driven by her ideals, sincere commitment and almost never expiring energy, she stands for a  community of possibilities and opportunities for gender equality, freedom and security for everyone in need of protection despite differences in traditions, languages or  cultural backgrounds.

Our Work

Too many parties in many countries are doing poorly in involving and electing women into political office. In 2016, the ALDE Party decided to do something about this and created the European Women's Academy for political leadership and campaigning. The Women's Academy seeks to in a tangible way inspire female candidates and provide them with the knowledge and tools to take the next step in becoming influential in politics and getting elected. 

The network is assisted by the ALDE Party Secretariat in Brussels.

Coordinator: Laura Laussade +32 2 2370146