11 Jan, 2023

German liberals kick off 2023: ‘The Future Believes in Us’

Christian Lindner, Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance and Free Democratic Party (FDP) party leader, looked ahead towards 2023 as ‘the year to design the way to prosperity’ at the party’s annual Three Kings event on 6 January. This year, German liberals plan to go beyond acute crises and secure the foundations of German prosperity by focusing on economic growth. 

In his remarks, Lindner shared how  2023 can be a turning point for economic and financial policies, with a strong focus on growth and fewer tax burdens on citizens and companies.  He said: 

"If the coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP wants to have a chance of re-election, it will only succeed if it puts the country back on the road to economic success." 

Education, research and development, immigration and reducing bureaucracy are also high on the to-do list. He announced an additional 1 billion euro every year to the education budget, as “…this country should never save on educational opportunities for children, adolescents and young adults." 

During the event, German Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger also took stage, stressing the importance of advancing the social market economy. She aims for this decade to be one of technological breakthroughs: 

“This decade will be one of great disruption. It is the task of the Free Democrats to make it a decade of innovation, technological breakthroughs and  progress.” 

FDP Secretary General Bijan Djir-Saria also addressed Russia’s violation of international law and its aggression against Ukraine, which completely changed energy security, supply, and prices. They affect Germany’s competitiveness and harm the middle class heavily. Therefore, Djir-Saria called for 2023 to become the year of the political centre: 

In Germany, it is often forgotten that there is a centre that holds this country together, works hard and is heavily burdened. We have a special responsibility in the coalition to ensure that the country is not governed from the left, but from the centre.” 

Watch Linder’s speech below or re-watch the full event here (in German). 

Photo credit: FDP

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