02 Feb, 2021

Golos holds congress, presents national plan for Ukraine

During a Congress meeting on Friday 29 January, Kira Rudik, the leader of Golos, ALDE party member in Ukraine, presented the "National Golos Plan for 2021" to the delegates from all across the country.

The key goals for this year are strengthening security, overcoming the pandemic, implementing judicial reform, and increasing support for small and medium businesses. The party also emphasises the implementation of the "green course", the ecological European integration of Ukraine, which entails fighting the policies of depletion of natural resources and introducing modern environmental technologies.

The Congress also voted on the new composition of the Political Council of the party, which now includes the three representatives from the regional branches.

Speaking at the Congress, party leader Kira Rudik said: “We, the Voice party, have already fulfilled a third of our program promises in the Verkhovna Rada. For example, yesterday the Parliament passed a law on the Bureau of Economic Security, on which we worked very actively. Much has been done. But more needs to be done.”

“The main challenge, like last year, will be the coronavirus. We have already presented a vaccination plan, our law on accelerated registration of vaccines has been approved by parliament. Now the main task is for Ukraine to receive vaccines,” she said.

“And we need to think about the future. A year ago, Ukraine announced its intention to join the ‘green course’.  It's not just about the environment, although clean air, water and land are critical, but it's also about the economy. Ukraine needs to move to modern technologies if we do not want the European Union market to be closed to us in 10 years.”


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