10 Jul, 2019

Individual members elect their delegates

ALDE Party's individual members had the chance to elect their delegates for the ALDE Party Congress 2019 and the Council delegate for the next 12 months.

Polls were open from 3 July until 10 July 2019, and 30 percent of the paid-up members participated in the vote for the Council delegate and 29 percent in the vote for the Congress delegates.

Congratulations to the five elected members:

Congress: Anja Fabiani, Diana Severati, Timothy Asotie, Nadia Bennis;

Council: Silvia Fernandez

More information about these elections and the other candidates is available on this page.

Turnout: 29%

Total number of voters: 949

Turnout: 30%

Total number of voters: 994

The full results of these elections are available:

The election was held on the www.electionrunner.com cloudbased elections platform.

You have elected the delegates that will represent individual members at the ALDE Party Congress. It is the delegates’ responsibility to submit individual members’ draft resolutions to the ALDE Party Congress. The four individual member delegates for the ALDE Party Congress, after consulting the other individual members and the Steering Committee, can submit motions for resolutions as well as amendments to be discussed at the ALDE Party Congress.

How will it work in practice, at the beginning in the first phase, ahead of the Congress? All individual members can draft a motion for a resolution. You need to gather support of at least 20 individual members. For now we use the platform called "Slack" for this process (if you're not yet part of the ALDE Party individual members' Slack, please write here to receive an invitation to join). The final versions of the draft resolutions must be submitted via e-mail to the elected Congress delegates by the latest on 16 August 2019. With the help of the ALDE Party secretariat, the Congress delegates will put the resolutions to an online vote among all paid-up members in the month of August as the rules stipulate that “a limited number of resolutions will be selected through preferential voting of all paid-up members at the latest 10 weeks before the Congress”.

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