19 Apr, 2018

Individual members: results of elections and vote

The polls have closed.

ALDE Party's individual members around Europe have participated in a by-election to elect a new Steering Committee member, voted on the "mission and vision" of ALDE Party's Individual Membership, and members in Belgium and the United Kingdom elected new country coordinators.

Below you find the results of the various elections and votes.

Steering Committee by-election

ELECTED: Sofia Afonso Ferreira

47% or 296 votes

634 votes cast (out of 1680 eligible voters). 37.7% turnout

Vote on Mission and Vision
APPROVED: 91% or 575 votes

633 votes cast (out of 1680 eligible voters). 37.6% turnout

Country coordinator Belgium
ELECTED: Latifa Ait-Baala

87 votes cast (out of 188 eligible voters). 46.3% turnout

Country coordinators United Kingdom
ELECTED: Kevin McNamara and David Talbot

121 votes cast (out of 374 voters): 32.3% turnout

Members in Italy still have the opportunity to vote until Thursday 10h00 for their country coordinators. Results will be published on Thursday after the polls will have closed. More information on this page.

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