27 Aug, 2019

Individual members to elect a new Steering Committee

The deadline of nominations for individual members to be a candidate for the upcoming Steering Committee elections has passed on Monday 26 August 2019. The ALDE Party secretariat received twelve valid nominations for the elections of the Steering Committee, which consists of five members.

Steering Committee chair Thalia Ntoka and Steering Committee member Sofia Afonso Ferreira do not seek re-election, while Silvia Fernandez and Laura Hidalgo present themselves to run for a second mandate.

In addition, the secretariat received nominations from Timothy Asotie, Anders Basboell, Sven Gossel, Hans Eiler Hammer, Pascal Jacobs, Richard Retezi, Yves Robert, Gregory Rump, Diana Severati and Susanne Wunderer.

Find below the official list of candidates (in alphabetical order) and their short motivations. Below the list of candidates you can read about the voting ballot, the voting system and what is the Steering Committee.

The vote will take place from Wednesday 4 September until Wednesday 11 September. Paid-up members will receive a voting ballot in their inbox on Wednesday afternoon 4 September.

UPDATE: After the deadline, candidates Anders Basboell and Hans Eiler Hammer have informed the ALDE Party secretariat that they have decided to withdraw their candidature. Their names will not feature on the ballot paper.

Timothy Asotie

*abbreviations such as IM, IMs, AIM all refer to ALDE Party's Individual Membership and/or individual members.

On Wednesday afternoon 4 September, all paid-up members will receive a voting ballot in their inbox. As stipulated in article 5.3 of the individual members' rules, the elections are held according to a preferential ranking system. The vote will run on the online platform OpaVote and the voting system is "Meek STV" as defined and calculated by OpaVote. This is the same platform and voting system as for the resolutions vote. The vote stays open for one week until 10h00 CET on Wednesday 11 September.

Example of the voting ballot:

Instructions: Use the buttons to add choices to the ballot, and then drag to arrange them in order of preference with your most preferred at the top and your least preferred at the bottom. You can rank all 10 candidates, but are not obliged to do so. Double check your ballot. Then click the "Vote!" button to cast your vote.

If you haven't received your voting ballot on Wednesday afternoon 4 September and you believe you have the right to vote, please check your spam box first. If the ballot is not in your spam box either, please write to Daniel Tanahatoe at the ALDE Party secretariat via e-mail, and we'll try and find a solution. Do not wait until the last moment if you have not received your ballot or encounter a problem in voting.

Individual membership exists since 2011. In 2014, the Steering Committee was established. The Steering Committee for the individual members in ALDE Party is the elected body, consisting of five members, representing the individual members and steering their work across Europe. It supports all individual members in organising themselves at local, regional and national level in order to become more active in favour of liberal principles. Every two years, online elections for a new Steering Committee are held, ahead of the ALDE Party Congress. Here you can read more about the current Steering Committee.

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