10 Apr, 2018

Individual members to vote

Later this week, ALDE Party's individual members are invited to participate in a by-election to elect a new Steering Committee member, to vote on the "mission and vision" of ALDE Party's Individual Membership, and members in Belgium and the United Kingdom will have the chance to elect new country coordinators.

On Thursday 12 April, paid-up members will receive in their inbox several voting ballots to make their choice. Around 10h00 CET members will receive a ballot for the Steering Committee by-election; around 10h15 CET a ballot for the vote on the mission & vision; around 10h30 CET members in Belgium and the United Kingdom will receive the ballot to elect their country coordinator(s).

Who are the candidates for the Steering committee by-election:

1. Anders Basbøll; 2. BTR Naidu; 3. Michael Terwiesche; 4. Sébastien Martin; 5. Sofia Afonso Ferreira; 6. Stuart Bonar

Members in Belgium will elect one country coordinator. There are three candidates: Jérome Roche, Latifa Aït-Baala, Sue Arundale.

Members in the United Kingdom will elect two country coordinators. There are two candidates: David Talbot and Kevin McNamara

You can read all about the candidates for the Steering Committee by-election and country coordinators on this page.

Members will also be invited by the Steering Committee to express their support on the "mission and vision" of ALDE Party Individual Membership. The mission and vision reads as follows:


The citizens of Europe live in an open society. Individuals are empowered and shape Europe’s future. The citizens of Europe are sovereign. They exercise the legislative power through the European Parliament and European citizens’ initiative. The Rule of Law guarantees their political and civil rights.

Liberals from across Europe and all walks of life come together in a diverse party to build a continent where “the only fields of battle will be markets opening up to trade and minds opening up to ideas”.


The Individual Members act as a voice for European liberal democrats that are committed to:

● building a free, fair, sustainable and open society;

● a Europe based on the Rule of Law, democracy, and separation of powers;

● creating a federal Europe based on the principle of subsidiarity, because European problems require European solutions;

● the empowerment and more participation for citizens in European decision-making;

● engaging and connecting liberals in building a more diverse and member-driven pan-European party.

Members in Italy will be able to vote later this month. Members can nominate until Monday 16 April at 11h00 CET. More information about the elections in Italy is available here.

For any further question, write to [email protected]

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