03 Jul, 2024

Lasconi elected new USR President

On 26 June, ALDE Party member USR in Romania elected Elena Lasconi as its new President, succeeding Cătălin Drulă after two years in office. 

Lasconi received 68.14% of votes from USR members at the party’s extraordinary Congress, prevailing over Cristian Seidler (16.57%), Radu Hossu (12.54%), and Gabriel Filip (2.74%). There were 32 invalid votes (0.28%). 

She is an economist with a 25-year career in television and journalism, and has served for two consecutive terms as the mayor of Câmpulung Muscel, Romania. She was originally elected Mayor in 2020 and won a second mandate in the elections on 9 June with over 70% of the votes. 

On 29 June, Lasconi was also nominated as USR's candidate for Romania’s presidential elections, obtaining with 94.31% of the votes of some 600 delegates attending the party's extraordinary Congress. 

"It is an honour for me, I have a very hard road ahead of me, but all my life I have chosen the hard road. I chose this road out of a feeling of love: I love Romania with all my being,” she said.  

“Since 10 June, I have been saying that 2024 is the year in which we can bury democracy in Romania or we can save it. I am sure that every Romanian of good faith wants to save it. We will save democracy in Romania.” 

Lasconi and USR's commitment to Romanians is based on the defense of democracy and the rule of law, decent incomes for Romanians who work honestly, an education system that truly prepares students for real life, a health system where patients are treated with care and respect, and the strengthening of NATO and EU membership. 

Romania will hold the first round of Presidential elections on 24 November, while the second round will be held on 8 December. Additionally, there will also be parliamentary elections on 1 December.

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