22 Mar, 2023

Liberalerna appoint Climate Committee

Last weekend, the executive board of Liberalerna, one of ALDE Party’s members in Sweden, appointed a Climate Committee at their National Assembly.  

The Committee is led by Swedish Minister for Climate and Environment Romina Pourmokhtari, with the mission to develop the party’s climate policy in several key areas: creating a new business environment for climate, establishing Sweden as a role model for the EU by exporting green standards and solutions and developing a science-based climate policies that work for people. 

Find out more about Liberalerna’s Climate Committee here 

In his speech to the Assembly, party leader and Swedish Minister for Employment and Integration Johan Pehrson declared:  

Our country once built Europe strong with the export of iron ore, wood pulp and ball bearings. We're going to do it again. This time with carbon-free steel, fossil-free electricity and the latest generation of batteries. We will also export our ambitious climate targets to Europe. Because it is not enough just that Sweden is a climate leader. If we are to have one planet left to live on, all European countries must raise their ambitions. While other parties want to cut ties with Europe or prevent the EU from setting climate goals – we liberals instead say that common problems need common solutions. 

Pehrson also spoke about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Swedish NATO membership, women and LGBTQIA+ rights, crime prevention, education reform and how to address inflation.  

Read his speech in full in Swedish here 

Ukrainian MP and ALDE Party Vice-President Kira Rudik attended the Assembly and gave a speech in which she insisted that: 

The essence of Russian regime is to suppress liberalism and destroy democracy. For the sake of our peaceful future, we should go the extra mile to defeat tyranny. 

Photo credit: Liberalerna

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