03 Apr, 2023

Liberals elected to the Finnish Parliament

In last weekend’s parliamentary elections in Finland, Keskusta, one of ALDE Party’s members in the country, obtained 11.3% of the vote according to the preliminary results. This will translate into 23 seats in the new Finnish Parliament.  

Nevertheless, the party lost 2.5% of votes compared to the previous elections in 2019, and will lose eight of their seats in the Parliament. Commenting on the result, current Minister of Finance and party leader Annika Saarikko said: “The Center Party has faced a historic electoral defeat. There is only one conclusion to be drawn from the result: our place is in the opposition.” 

Work to restore confidence begins today. The task for the coming years is to raise the Center Party back to a large party one voter at a time,” she added. 

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland (SFP), another ALDE Party member in the country, will maintain its previous nine seats, having received 4.3% of the vote. Commenting on the election result, current Minister for Justice and party leader Anna-Maja Henriksson said: “SFP retains its nine mandates in the Parliament. It is a decent result in a difficult election campaign. Heartfelt thanks for the trust shown in me and SFP. 

With 20,8% of the vote, the National Coalition Party won the election, followed closely by the Finns Party and the Finnish Social Democratic Party.  

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