26 Aug, 2022

Liberals show support on Ukraine’s Independence Day

Olha Stefanishyna, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, talking at ALDE Party's Congress in Dublin

Olha Stefanishyna, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, talking at ALDE Party's Congress in Dublin

Europe’s liberals shared their messages of support on Ukraine’s Independence Day and encourage people to do all they can to help Ukrainians push back the invader that has their country under attack for the last six months.

This year 24 August marked both Ukraine’s Independence Day and six months since the Russian invasion began.

Olha Stefanishyna, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, made a powerful appeal to do a 100% of what we can to support the fight to protect liberal values.

You cannot imagine how much all the Ukrainian people count on you. How much they count on that you do 100% of what you can to protect the values, to protect the freedom, to protect the free and democratic Europe and the European project itself from the aggressive harsh appetite of a dictatorship of terror,” said Stefanyshyna.

On that note, ALDE Party has teamed up with the Promote Ukraine association to provide funding to support Ukraine on its fight for freedom. Find out more and donate here.

Moreover, liberals from all over Europe showed their support to Ukraine’s unwavering resistance and willingness to defend their freedom and that of all Europeans on this special day for the country.

ALDE Party co-Presidents Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP and Senator Timmy Dooley, and ALDE Party Vice President and Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Kira Rudik, admired the bravery and resilience of Ukrainians and reaffirmed the full support of European liberals.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Ukraine and its people on your Independence Day. We will never forget your heroism as you fight for Europe's right to remain free. We will always remain on your side. Slava Ukraini!” expressed Kyuchyuk.

My sincere congratulations to the Ukrainian people on their Independence Day. We have been in awe of your bravery since the first day. All of us who live in democracies owe you an enormous debt,” stated Dooley.

Ukrainians are not about territory or government. #Ukrainians are of bravery and ability to fight for what we believe in, for our values, with our life and defend it with our blood. Wherever we are today, our hearts are somewhere within 603,548 km. Happy Independence Day!” asserted Rudik

They were joined by many key liberal leaders.

Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, declared:

Today, when all Ukrainians should be able to celebrate their independence, Luxembourg salutes you. On yesterday’s Crimea Platform, I strongly supported Ukraine’s right to freedom and self-determination. We stand by your side.

Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia, asserted:

Today is Ukraine’s Independence Day. Six months ago Russia started its full-scale war against Ukraine. Ukraine will keep fighting. They will not give up their independence. Ukraine will emerge from this war stronger. We'll stand with Ukraine and help you win. Glory to Ukraine!

Micheál Martin, Prime Minister of Ireland, sent the following message:

Sending the people of Ukraine, especially those who have found refuge in Ireland, our best wishes on Ukraine Independence Day. You have shown the world how much the freedom of your great country means to you.  You are an inspiration.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council stated:

Dear Ukrainian friends today is Ukraine’s Independence Day. An independence that you are bravely defending for 6 months now against Russia. The European Union is there to support you. Your independence is our independence. Your freedom is our freedom. Your future is EU's future.”

Janez Lenarčič, European Commissioner for Crisis Management, declared:

After 6 months of Russia's invasion, #Ukraine continues to stand fiercely against its aggressor as it marks its Independence Day. And we will continue supporting the independent and free Ukraine with emergency life-saving assistance as long as there is a need.

Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy, expressed:

We proudly stand with our Ukrainian friends in their fight for a free, independent and European future! Glory to Ukraine!

Our member parties and liberal leaders have shown solidarity and action since the beginning, from the local and regional levels to the European level as well as on the frontlines in Ukraine. You can find out more about what liberals are doing to help Ukraine and hot to collaborate here.

We are united and we stand with Ukraine!

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