26 Aug, 2020

Liberals stay in government as coalition agreement reached in North Macedonia

Former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has received a mandate to form the next government in North Macedonia following the pro-western ‘Можеме!’ (‘We Can!’) alliance’s narrow win in the snap parliamentary elections on 15 July.

The ‘Можеме!’ (‘We Can!’) alliance lead by the Social Democrats won 46 seats in the 120-seat parliament, just two more than VMRO DPMNE which won 44, and have concluded a new coalition agreement with ethnic Albanian party DUI to form a majority.

Zoran Zaev, who served as the country’s Prime Minister from May 2017 until January 2020, will resume the role but under the terms of the coalition agreement an Albanian Prime Minister will be appointed 100 days before the next general elections. The new cabinet will now have 19 ministries instead of the previous 26.

ALDE Party member party Liberalno-demokratska Partija (LDP), who participated in the election as part of the We Can coalition, will remain in government with leader Goran Milevski continuing as Minister of Local Self-Government. LDP members Bobi Mojsoski  and EWA Alumna Monika Zajkova won election in the vote and have taken their seats in the new parliament.

Upon accepting the mandate, Mr Zaev said the new cabinet’s priorities will be long-term stability, the economy, the fight against crime and corruption. “I will lead a government that will not ... veer away from the road leading to membership of the European Union after obtaining membership of NATO,” he added.

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen welcomed the news, tweeting:

ALDE Party Vice President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP, added:

Mr Zaev has until 2 September to propose his new cabinet’s platform to parliament for approval. Parliament will have additional 15 days to discuss it and vote.


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