16 Jun, 2021

Liberals unite against Hungarian anti-LGBTIQ+ legislation

This week, the Hungarian Parliament passed a homophobic law that limit the freedoms of LGBTIQ+ individuals and education in Hungary.

Viktor Orbán, his Fidesz party and other members of Parliament passed a law banning the “portrayal and promotion of gender identity different from sex assigned at birth, the change of sex and homosexuality” in schools and public service advertisements for persons under 18. This means a governmental control over the perception, ideas, and lessons on sexuality during the childhood of Hungarian people.

This is a new chapter of Hungarian violations of human rights, such as limiting freedom of expression and education. ALDE Party and our Hungarian members Momentum Mozgalom and Liberálisok have taken a stand to express our disgrace over this totalitarian legislation.

Already more than 3,000 liberals from across Europe have signed the ALDE Party petition to support and protest the sheer and flagrant human right abuses at the cost of the Hungarian people and the EU’s democratic values.

Momentum Mozgalom leader András Fekete-Győr underlined the similarities of these news laws to the Russian regime, who feeds hatred towards minority groups. He called upon his compatriots to go against this legislation, saying:

“… the law is much more than a communication stunt; it makes the lives of tens of thousands of our fellow citizens difficult or even destroys them. Those are the ones who can make our common nation stronger - if the state and society do not exclude them, but accept them.”

Hungarian ALDE Party member Liberalisok has also shared how this utterly disgraceful law feeds hate towards LGBTIQ+ communities and prevents free education to Hungarian children on Facebook. Party Leader Anett Bősz despises Orbán’s politics and has called upon her supporters to end this illiberal madness, underlining the importance of next year’s parliamentary elections. She said:

“I say no to the despicable, narrow-minded, and crowds of people every day spiritual burden and suffering that the two-thirds represent, along with all the disgusting things the government is doing now. We can end this too in 2022!”

During last weekend’s ALDE Party eCongress, we adopted two resolutions to reaffirm our support to the LGBTIQ+ community underlining the fundamental and liberal values in relation to religious beliefs and our will to eradicate LGBTIQ+ phobia.

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