19 Oct, 2022

Liberals welcome sanctions against Iran

European liberals welcome the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council decision to sanction Iran following the ruling regime’s violent crackdown on protestors defending women’s rights and demand an unconditional and immediate end to all violence against the people of Iran. Iran’s military support to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine cannot be accepted and needs to face further sanctions if not halted.

ALDE Party co-Presidents Senator Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP and Timmy Dooley welcomed the decision of the Council.

The autocrats in the Iranian regime must pay a price for their abhorrent repression of women and for providing Russians with weaponry being used to kill civilians in Ukraine. This is why we welcome the agreed sanctions on Iran. Europe's security depends on it,” declared Kyuchyuk.

This morning Ukrainians woke up yet more explosions during rush hour in many cities. Iranian drones made up a big part of the arsenal. Tehran has to understand that further support for Russia's deadly invasion means further European sanctions,” added Dooley.

After the killing of Mahsa Jina Amini by Iran’s “morality” police, Iranian women and men are taking the streets to reclaim their freedoms and meeting violent repression from the ruling regime.

For the last three weeks, Ukrainians are also facing violent strikes from Iran-made kamikaze drones.

European liberals cannot stand by and watch the brutality with which an oppressive regime tries to control the bodies, minds and lives of not only their own citizens but those of other sovereign nations.

On 6 October, the European Parliament voted to sanction Iranian officials involved in both Mahsa Amini’s death and the violence against protestors.

To support the Parliament’s decision, we launched a campaign demanding the EU Council to impose sanctions on Iran.

On 17 October, these sanctions were approved by EU foreign ministers in the Foreign Affairs Council. Further sanctions on Iran for its military support for Russia’s war in Ukraine will be discussed by the Council soon.

Together we can stand to protect human rights in Europe and beyond.

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