Elections & Voting

Bureau elections

At Congress, Elections to the ALDE Party Bureau will take place for the following positions: 3 Vice Presidents and Treasurer.

The deadline for nominations as per ALDE Party's internal regulations was three weeks prior to the Congress and therefore passed at midnight CET on Thursday 18 October 2018.

The nominations received by that time are as follows:

Nominations received for the 3 available Vice-President positions:

  • Henrik Bach Mortensen, Venstre, Denmark
  • Dita Charanzová, ANO 2011, Czech Republic
  • Luis Garicano, Ciudadanos, Spain

Nominations received for the 1 available ALDE Party Treasurer position:

  • Gašper Koprivšek, SMC, Slovenia

European Election Manifesto 2019 and Resolutions

Please note that in accordance with ALDE Party statutes the deadline to submit draft resolutions to the ALDE Party Congress is two months prior to the Congress.

At this Congress, the party will discuss and adopt its Manifesto for the 2019 European elections, with the expected delivery of the draft Manifesto to ALDE Party member parties scheduled for Monday 10 September.

The European Election Manifesto will be the ALDE Party’s most important document for 2019 and should be the primary focus of discussions during the limited time for working groups at Congress rather than any other business. Member parties are therefore strongly encouraged not to table additional resolutions on policy areas addressed in the draft Manifesto.

Resolutions must be submitted via the online platform (debate.aldeparty.eu) by 18.00 CET on Friday 14 September 2018.

The platform will be activated on Saturday 1 September 2018 and International Officers will be given administrative rights to upload draft resolutions upon registration on this platform or can use their access codes from previous years.

(Please bear in mind that as for now the delegates registration site and the online platform to upload draft resolutions are operated on different systems and thus require different log-in details. The ALDE Party is looking into user-friendly and financially feasible options to merge these platforms in the future. If you have not received or cannot find your debate platform login details, contact Andrew on the details below...)

Member parties will receive a consolidated dossier of all draft resolutions submitted at the latest by Thursday 27 September 2018.

Amendments to the draft Manifesto (and draft resolutions) must then be submitted by Thursday 11 October 2018, also via the online platform at debate.aldeparty.eu

NOTE: as stipulated in the ALDE Party internal regulations (art. III,11), adopted by the ALDE Party Congress in Warsaw on 1-3 December 2016, amendments may be submitted by any EU “full member Party, the Council, 25 voting Congress delegates, 50% + 1 of the Members of the European Parliament, of the Committee of the Regions, of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe who are signed up to the ALDE Party, the ALDE Party Gender Equality Network, the Bureau of the ALDE Party or individual members collectively and democratically through their elected delegates.”In the final vote, as stated in art. V,11, “the manifesto will be adopted by full member parties from EU Member States and individual members’ delegates”.

Member parties will then receive a consolidated dossier of all amendments submitted to the draft resolutions by Thursday 18 October 2018.

Urgency Resolutions

Draft urgency resolutions can be submitted via the online platform debate.aldeparty.eu until Wednesday 7 November 2018 at 18:00 CET. They must not exceed 300 words and must deal with issues or developments that occurred since the deadline for regular resolutions.

If you have any questions and queries regarding the resolution and submission process, please contact Andrew Burgess, ALDE Party Political Adviser, on [email protected]


Delegation lists will close at 12:00 CET on Thursday 1 November 2018.

After this point, changes can only be made in the statutory exceptional cases of flight cancellation, sickness, or unforeseen political developments. In such cases, please contact the ALDE Party Secretariat immediately [email protected]

Failure of the International Officer to assign all voting rights by this deadline will result in that delegation being unable to exercise unallocated votes.

To review the number of votes each delegation is entitled to, please download the delegation list below.

Onsite Voting

This year, there will be various different styles of voting.

For voting on the Manifesto, resolutions and statute changes, and also during the working group, electronic voting pads (or vote by show of hand, as decided by the Chair) will be used. Results will be announced immediately.

For the elections of new Bureau members however, a vote in-person system will be used as at previous Congresses in Warsaw and Amsterdam. Voting delegates will be required to go to an electronic voting booth, there their right to vote will be checked, before they proceed to voting on an interactive voting screen. The booths will open for an extended period throughout the Congress, permitting delegates to go to vote whenever is convenient for them. The voting booths will be located within the main Congress venue and will therefore be easily accessible, technicians and ALDE Party staff will be on hand throughout the voting session to help with this process.

This procedure has been implemented as a direct response to feedback received on Congress 2015 and use of it will mean that casting an invalid vote will be impossible.

Further information about voting and elections during Congress will become available here over the coming months, so keep checking back to this page.

Procedures for the election of the Vice Presidents and the Treasurer

Election of the Vice Presidents:

As stipulated in the ALDE Party Statutes, adopted by the ALDE Party Congress in Warsaw on 1-3 December 2016 (art. 21, b) [emphasis added to highlight change to previous procedure]:

“The Vice Presidents are elected on a single ballot paper. Delegates can choose as many candidates as they wish to up to the maximum number of vacancies to be filled. The candidates with the most votes are elected in the order of the amount of votes.”

“Only candidates reaching the quorum defined as follows are elected: 1/the positions available, i.e. that for 2 positions the quorum will 1/2 = 50% of the ballots cast (and not of total votes), for 3 positions 1/3=33,33% of the ballots cast, for 4 positions 1/4 =25% of the ballots cast, etc.”

“In case of only 1 vacant position for a round of election, the principle of simple majority shall be used, as is the case with the positions of President and Treasurer.”

“Candidates failing to obtain the quorum in the first round can run in the second round where there will be no quorum. Those obtaining the highest number of votes are elected until all vacant mandates are filled. If two or more candidates obtain the same number of votes for the last vacant mandate, an extra round will be arranged between those candidates to determine who will fill the mandate.”

Election of the Treasurer:

As stipulated in the ALDE Party Statutes, adopted by the ALDE Party Congress in Warsaw on 1-3 December 2016 (art. 21, a):

The President and the Treasurer are elected separately, by a majority of more than 50% of the votes cast. If there are more than two candidates, and no one obtains more than 50% of the votes cast, a second round takes place between the two candidates who obtained the most votes.

The returning officers will ensure anonymity of the votes by supervising the process and ensuring that the data is not retained following the vote.

Timetable and Congress Deadlines

Please find a full overview of Congress deadlines available to download below.

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