28 May, 2018

Mark Rutte: "We need a strong VVD"

Our member party in the Netherlands VVD hosted their spring Congress on Saturday 26 May in Arnhem.

The Dutch Prime Minister and party leader Mark Rutte addressed the participants in a speech about the first period of his Rutte III cabinet, the municipal elections in March 2018 and the environment: "We have a number of main objectives for the coming years. To make sure that within Europe we keep stability and security. With regards to climate, we have to take responsibility and not leave it to our children to clean up the mess. For all these challenges we need a strong VVD."

Klaas Dijkhoff, the leader of the parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, offered an inspiring speech about the 'good people' for whom he is now involved in politics: The VVD started as a protest party against the establishment. Yet, we have become the leading force in politics. That role comes with a great sense of responsibility. In my opinion, the VVD is there for the good people that together want to make something out of their lives."

In her speech, VVD's Chair Christianne van der Wal said: "Yes, we are a successful party. There is a also positive atmosphere in our party. But that's the situation today. I am busy with what's going to happen tomorrow and in the years to come. Will we remain the leading party? Do we continue to have the best message of all parties? Do we continue to have talented members to run in elections? Will we continue to have enough members? That's what worries me. Without a lot of work from all us of together, we run the risk of becoming small again."


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