13 Jul, 2021

Meeting liberal party leaders across Europe

Continuing the success of last year, the ALDE Party Secretariat has been virtually meeting with liberal party leaders from across Europe! Meet our Leaders interview series gives our party leaders the opportunity to share their perspective on some of the most topical issues in Europe and provides interesting personal insights which you might not have previously known about.

Below you can find all monthly episodes published in the series this year – we will continue to interview more leaders in the coming months, so in case you have an ALDE member party leader in mind, send us your suggestions at [email protected]

João Cotrim Figueiredo (Iniciativa Liberal, Portugal)

For João Cotrim Figueiredo, leader of Iniciativa Liberal, entering politics was motivated by his desire to push for increased representation of liberal ideas in Portugal. In this interview, Cotrim Figueiredo reflects, among others, on his career spanning over 35 years, the state of liberalism in his country as well as the key lessons he and his party have learned over the years.

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Petra Gössi (FDP, Switzerland)

Petra Gössi, leader of FDP in Switzerland, is proud of the Swiss direct democracy, labelling it as the “best system in the world”. In her interview, Gössi also shares what her party is doing to effectively involve young people in politics, what she thinks about cooperation with the European Union and what she might work on, if not politics.

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Sofie Carsten Nielsen (Radikale Venstre, Denmark)

While the EU has become increasingly relevant during the ongoing health crisis, there are still major challenges to solve, says leader of Radikale Venstre Sofie Carsten Nielsen and shares her view on what is needed to de-attach the “Brussels Bubble” image. But do you know which experience has inspired her the most during her political career?

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Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen (Liberal Movement, Lithuania)

Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, leader of Liberal Movement, was elected Speaker of Parliament earlier this year when her party entered government. A former Chess Grandmaster, in this interview she shares how chess and politics relate, who is the political leader she looks up to and how she sees the role of liberal parties in an EU that shows global leadership.

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Mustafa Karadayi (MRF, Bulgaria)

For MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi, involving young people in politics and engaging them to solve citizens’ problems is key. In this interview, he also shares his hope for 2021, the plan for Bulgaria’s green economy and his perspective on the future of European cooperation.

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