04 Oct, 2023

Moldova: Open EU accession negotiations by 2024

Renew Europe reiterates its call for the European Commission and Council to start EU accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova by the end of 2023, and to increase the EU’s financial and technical assistance to the country. 

Following a request from Renew Europe, a resolution taking stock of Moldova's path to the EU was debated on Tuesday during the European Parliament plenary session. The text welcomed the considerable efforts made by Moldovan authorities to advance the reform agenda and progress towards EU membership. 

However, Renew Europe believes that the EU must also increase its support for the Moldovan government’s efforts to fight the unprecedented hybrid operations by Russia to interfere in the democratic processes of the country. The Group calls for more targeted EU sanctions on Russia and wants to ensure the existing ones are duly implemented. 

Dragoş Tudorache MEP (REPER, RO), Renew Europe Vice-Chair and European Parliament rapporteur on Moldova, said: “The Republic of Moldova is on the right path! Not an easy one, but the Moldovans are determined to walk on this path with a great deal of ambition.” 

“Such profound reforms as those Chişinău has committed to cannot be done in one year, not by Moldova or any other EU country for that matter. That is why the proven commitment, political will and ability to deliver are truly important and must be the key to open the door to the negotiations to join the EU.” 

“Moreover, opening the negotiations does not mean that the reform process is over, quite on the contrary, they will continue with even more support and expertise from the EU. I really hope the Commission sees all the progress Moldova made and will be once again bold and visionary with its upcoming assessment. This is, above all, a matter of political will.” 

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