09 Jun, 2020

Momentum re-elects András Fekete-Győr as leader

Hungarian ALDE member Momentum Mozgalom held a party congress on 7 June to elect a party leader and party bureau. The incumbent András Fekete-Győr stood for re-election and received an overwhelming majority with more than 90% of the votes cast.

In his statement after the vote, the re-elected party leader said he will continue to push for a stronger and more resilient Hungary in the 21st century that is a “valuable and decisive player in Europe and the Western world”.

“Our goal is for the Momentum to be an engine for a change of government and change of era, and a frontrunner in a new political culture that is based on fairness and political peace”, he said and continued:

As an inclusive community, we open the gates to those who share our values and seek a political home, and offer alliances to communities that have an important voice to stay but still have a weak voice.”

In addition to electing Fekete-Győr, six vice-presidents were also elected for a two-year mandate. You can find the full list of new party bureau members here.

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