11 Mar, 2019

Mouvement Radical holds first Congress in Paris

On Saturday 9 March, Mouvement Radical/Social-Libéral of France held its first party congress during which Lauren Hénart, the Mayor of Nancy, was elected as the party’s leader and the party’s spot on the En Marche-MoDem list for the upcoming European Parliament elections was confirmed.

In his speech to Congress, Mr Hénart said: “We must, for this election, ally with pro-European parties and organisations: to Social-Democrats, to independent ecologists, to the moderate right-wing and, of course to the Democratic Movement (MoDem) and En Marche.”

“There are conditions to succeed. First, this list shall not be the one of the Government and the majority, but one to gather true Europeans. I expect En Marche to show some listening and openness.”

Several motions were adopted at the congress on topics such as the future of Europe and immigration.

ALDE Party Vice-President Annelou van Egmond attended the Congress and delivered a speech to delegates in French. Stressing the importance of the forthcoming European elections and the rise of the populists, she said: “We can stop them. We have to stop them. It is up to us. Other parties try to become so populist themselves they think they can stop the voters from going the extreme way.”

“They are wrong, and they are selling out their old ideals in doing so. Not us. We liberals are going to stand up for democracy, stand up for freedom and stand up for a new and stronger Europe, more solidarity, and more democracy.”

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen also delivered a video address to the Congress, European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici was in the audience as was Christophe Madrolle, the Secretary General of the Union of Democrats and Ecologists.



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