09 Jan, 2020

MRF celebrates the party’s 30th anniversary

Ethan Arsht

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) – ALDE member in Bulgaria – celebrated its 30th anniversary on 4 January, bringing together more than 2000 members from all around the country to mark the occasion.

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen saluted the party by saying: “MRF is an important party and not only for Bulgaria. Ahmed Dogan, the then leader and now President of Honour, brought peace to Bulgaria and to the region. We can learn from that. MRF matters – in its cooperation with all the liberal parties, with LIBSEEN, with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. It is the hard core of our liberal family and I wish MRF many years to come and to continue playing its important role.”

“For 30 years MRF has grown to become a mature political entity with an enviable presence in the political life of the country. To date, the party turned to be a balancing force and a guarantor to the peaceful transition in Bulgaria. For me the MRF is the choice of destiny – and it is a destiny that I do not regret choosing,” stated the party founder and Honorary President Dr. Ahmed Dogan.

MRF Party President Mustafa Karadayi recalled the evolution of events that led to founding of the party on 4 January 1990, and wished the attending party members to continue having the strength and decisiveness in the fight for the prosperity of Bulgaria and the EU.

"MRF, already from the moment it was created, conducts a consistent policy and bears its responsibility for ensuring peace and strengthening the common European future of Bulgaria and the Balkan region. We are firm and unwavering in following our course – 30 years on, we are standing for the rights and freedoms of every Bulgarian citizen, the dignity of every human being, defending democracy and stability in the country, and securing cleaner food, water and energy. Despite the challenges, we will follow our mission responsibly and rely on our strongholds – our biography, our togetherness and our values,” President Karadayi said at his opening speech.

Ilhan Kyuchyuk, MEP from MRF and ALDE Party Vice-President noted on the occasion:

"Our party has turned from a defender of the rights of the Bulgarian Muslims to an advocate of human rights and liberties universally. For us "rights and freedoms" is not a trademark or an electoral slogan, but a founding principle, guiding our work through all these years. Today's celebration is a good occasion for reflection and a look back to history as it happened, from the peaceful democratic transition to fighting for the strategic cause to make Bulgaria part of NATO and the EU. Our contribution is also our responsibility – we would continue this commitment to our values, and I am proud that 30 years later we have also all our partners at the Liberal network that we can rely on as well."

Look here what @hansvanbaalen, president of @ALDEParty said about the anniversary of @dps_news. Thank you for your longstanding support dear Hans.https://t.co/idYJhERbAU


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