12 Jul, 2021

MRF set to gain seats in parliament as Bulgaria votes in second snap elections

Three months after the last snap elections, Bulgarian citizens went to the polls again on 11 June and continued to vote for change in second snap parliamentary elections of 2021.

With the count ongoing at the time of publishing, the anti-establishment party of Slavi Trifonov has moved ahead of the previous ruling conservative GERB party and looks set to narrowly win the election. ALDE member MRF built on its election result from April to increase its voteshare to almost 11% and is likely to gain additional seats in the Parliament.

According to the provisional results from the Central Election Commission, the anti-establishment party of Slavi Trifonov has 23.91% of the vote, ahead of conservative GERB party that continued to lose ground with 23.69%, and the Socialist party BSP with 13.5%. The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), ALDE Party member party, is at 10.66% of the vote.

Speaking after the polls closed, leader Mustafa Karadayi said: “It is clear that the MRF maintains its solid position. The MRF will not unconditionally support the new government. We want to have a clear programme for accelerated economic development of the country based on EU priorities. We also insist on restoring the normality in politics and restoring democracy.” According to him, this means that state bodies and institutions should function in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the country, in the service of Bulgarian citizens and in support of business and the business environment, and "not be a club against business and Bulgarian citizens”.

Democratic Bulgaria and the “Stand up! Get out!” coalition also passed the 4% electoral threshold to win seats in the Parliament, winning 12.56% and 5% respectively.

Six parties will be present in the next Parliament, with the mandates to be awarded proportionally amongst these parties. 121 is required to form a majority in the 240-seat parliament.

Turnout was 41%, which is a record low for a parliamentary election in Bulgaria.

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