13 Jun, 2023

Naša stranka celebrates 15 years in politics

Edin Forto was re-elected as leader of Naša stranka as the party met for their electoral Congress in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on 10 June, where they also marked 15 years of political activity. 

Forto, who is currently serving as the national Minister of Communications and Transport, said in his address to the Congress: Naša stranka will continue to be both social and liberal. Where we are in power, we will fight for all socially vulnerable groups, with the support of the system, to stop being vulnerable and become equal, active creators of a social environment that will be to their liking. Also, individual freedom will remain our first priority, with full respect for collective rights, which we have never disputed. Human rights are not a buffet, we don't choose anything, we affirm everything." 

He ended his speech with a sentence referring to the European future of BiH: "Everyone in BiH, the region and the European Union must know that our party is the most reliable partner for European BiH." 

He announced there will be an even stronger affirmation of green policies in the next few years which he stressed have been one of the foundations of the party's activities until now, and expressed his desire for the party to continue to build upon its recent election success, and look to strengthen its number in the BiH parliament by at least one more member in the 2026 General Elections. 

The party is currently represented in government at all levels of the country for the first time, following its electoral success in the 2022 General Elections. 

ALDE Party Co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk delivered a video message to the Congress in which he praised the party: “Your commitment to a Bosnia and Herzegovina is truly commendable. The ALDE party shares in your vision of a nation that treats all its citizens with fairness and dignity.” 

“With a record of achievements in Canton Sarajevo and increasingly across the country, the party continues to grow from strength to strength and now we are delighted that you are participating in national government for the first time,” he added. 

ALDE Party Vice-President Annelou van Egmond addressed the Congress in Sarajevo and said: “They say a week is a long time in politics, and I am sure here in Bosnia you can relate very well to this, but to still be in action as a political force and still be growing after 15 years is testament to the success of the party and the trust you have clearly earned with citizens.” 

As part of the Congress programme, the ALDE Party organised a panel discussion on the foreign influence in the Western Balkans featuring Vice-President van Egmond, Member of the House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina Predrag Kojović, Liberal International Vice-President Emil Kirjas, and Adnan Huskić of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.  

Delegates also approved changes to the party’s statutes and a declaration were also adopted. 

The party also elected a new team of Vice Presidents with Alen Girt, a councillor in the Centar Municipal Council and in the Sarajevo City Council, Behija Kulović, vice-chairman in the Assembly of Zenica-Doboj Canton, and Vildana Bešlija, a representative in the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, were elected. 

Ahead of the Congress, ALDE Party and the Alliance Of Her hosted a screening of She Will be Heard: The Movie in cooperation with Fondacija Boris Divković. Ahead of the film, the Alliance Of Her alumnae Sabina Ćudić and Jasmina Mršo shared remarks on the barriers that young women often face when entering politics, alongside Vice-President van Egmond.  


Photo credit: Naša stranka

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