14 May, 2024

NEOS ramp up EU campaign at Europe Week

ALDE Party member NEOS in Austria celebrated “Europe Week” with a host of events as the party marked the start of the final few weeks of campaign ahead of the European elections in June.

Led by lead candidate Helmut Brandstätter MP, NEOS campaigns for the federalisation of the EU and the establishment of a more harmonised approach to defence, security and EU foreign policy.

NEOS celebrated the 200th birthday of the European anthem, Ode to Joy, by gathering in front of the Austrian Parliament as members gave a rendition of the symphony produced by Ludwig van Beethoven.

On Europe Day on 9 May, Brandstätter paid tribute to the European Union’s peace project and outlined NEOS’ staunch belief in the European ideals of today.

“Only a strong Europe can guarantee peace, freedom, progress and prosperity in the future. Only a strong Europe guarantees a strong Austria. That's why we want to strengthen NEOS, what makes us strong. Only NEOS says yes to Europe, without any buts,” he said.

“Anyone who wants to weaken the EU weakens the Austrians. Anyone who sides with autocrats like Putin, Trump or Orbán wants to make Austria poor, dependent and defenseless. We NEOS will be a bulwark against those who want to destroy our Europe.”

Anna Stürgkh, second candidate on NEOS’ list for the elections and a member of ALDE Party’s 2024 Manifesto Drafting Committee, added that federalisation is the only way for a strengthened EU.

“The 'United States of Europe’ is able to protect people, defend our independence and advance work and the economy so that Europe is once again worthwhile for everyone – today and in the future, including for the next generations,” she said.

“NEOS are also committed to a new, fifth basic freedom: 'Freedom of movement in education' makes Europe a real educational continent and also allows the labour market to continue to grow together.”

The European elections in Austria are scheduled to be held on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 20 MEPs.

Photo: NEOS

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