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ALDE Party Secretariat welcomes new intern

New ALDE Party intern Daniël Szabó

Right after the ALDE Party Council, we welcomed Daniël Szabó, the new intern at the ALDE Party Secretariat in Brussels. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree in Archeology and International Relations at Leiden University, he has moved to Brussels to support the work of the ALDE Party's Communication Unit for one month.

Szabo has shared his motivation to do an internship at the ALDE Party: "With the advent of the new 21st century realpolitik, only major global superpowers can decide the course of our planet and our species. This is why Europe must work together and stand united to counter the many challenges that we face today and will face in the future. I am convinced that the Liberal approach to cooperation on all levels is the best approach, hence my drive to help the ALDE party in achieving this goal."