ALDE Party VP Ilhan Kyuchyuk awarded for his engagement with youth | ALDE Party

ALDE Party VP Ilhan Kyuchyuk awarded for his engagement with youth

Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP being awarded the Honorary Sign of Sevlievo

ALDE Party Vice President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP has been awarded the Honorary Sign of his Bulgarian home town Sevlievo for his outstanding services, dedication and active public engagement aimed at the young people in the municipality. Kyuchyuk is also the Chairman of the youth branch of ALDE member MRF. The Municipal Council of Sevlievo organised a ceremony on 14 October, the official day of the town, to give him the award.

For many years the MEP has been conducting various initiatives in Sevlievo. Among them, the competition "Development of projects in science, technics and technologies" for young students at the Vocational High School of Mechanical Electrotechnics or the competition "Light and Land" sponsoring the design and construction of sport playgrounds and facilities.

Besides, at the invitation lhan Kyuchyuk, students from Sevlievo recently visited the European Parliament in Brussels where they had the opportunity to learn more about the functioning of the EU institutions and their history.

"I am extremely grateful for receiving this recognition. This Honorary Sign is very special to me because it comes from Sevlievo, the city where my journey began. It's a real pleasure for me to work with these young people. I want them to know that when a person has the desire to work, when he has clear goals that stretch far away, he will gradually succeed. I've always wanted to work for our community and I'm glad to have this opportunity. Every person should be able to see the meaning and feel the satisfaction of their work and I'm happy that I can see mine. This honorary distinction is not only for me, but also for each and every young individual with whom we work.“ said Ilhan Kyuchyuk during the award ceremony.