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ALDE Party VP meets with Partit Demokratiku

Dr Godfrey Farrugia MP, Timmy Dooley, Dr Anthony Buttigieg, Dr Marlene Farrugia MP (from left to right)

ALDE Party Vice President Timmy Dooley travelled to Malta on Monday to meet with representatives of Partit Demokratiku, a new political force in Malta which made history at the last parliamentary elections by electing the first elected Members of Parliament from a third party since independence.

Vice President Dooley was received at the House of Representatives of Malta by the newly-elected leader of the party Dr Anthony Buttigieg and discussed at length the political situation in Malta and the European Union and opportunities for future cooperation with ALDE with members of the party’s executive Council and its two elected MPs Dr Godfrey Farrugia and Dr Marlene Farrugia.

Partit Demokratiku has applied for membership of the ALDE Party ahead of the forthcoming Congress in Amsterdam from 1-3 December.

Read Partit Demokratiku's press statement on the visit here.