Attempted assassination of Bulgarian liberal leader Ahmed Dogan | ALDE Party

Attempted assassination of Bulgarian liberal leader Ahmed Dogan

Ahmed Dogan
Bulgarian Liberal leader Ahmed Dogan

Sir Graham Watson MEP, President of the ALDE Party expressed the shock of all European Liberals on Saturday at the attempted shooting of Bulgarian liberal leader Ahmed Dogan at the MRF Party Congress in Sofia which Sir Graham was attending. He expressed his relief that the pistol had not gone off as intended.

"Liberals have become increasingly concerned about freedom and the rule of law under Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. The European Union may need to mobilise to put the country back on track."

"I hope the government will move quickly to establish the forces behind this attempted murder and to bring them to justice." Sir Graham Watson said.

In a speech delivered to the Conference of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Party in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sir Graham paid tribute to the party‚Äôs founder and outgoing leader Ahmed Dogan and criticised the increasingly repressive government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. You can read the full speech of Sir Graham to the MRF Congress.

Ahmed Dogan, president of the liberal party in Bulgaria