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Bureau meets with member parties in Western Balkans

Family picture with LDP in Belgrade

ALDE Party Bureau members Ilhan Kyuchyuk and Gasper Koprivšek recently travelled to Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro to meet with current ALDE Party member parties and learn more about the political situation in the region.

Kyuchyuk and Koprivšek first travelled to Belgrade, Serbia where they met with senior representatives of ALDE Party member party Liberalno demokratska partija, and ahead of the Belgrade city elections to be held next year also met with a group of young activists in the city to share some advice and encouragement. 

They then travelled on to Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, where they met with the leadership of ALDE Party member Nasa Stranka and discussed the elections schedule to take place next year in which Nasa Stranka hope to build on previous local election successes and pick up additional seats in the Federation parliament. 

The delegation also met with Liberalno Demokratska Stranka who are applying to re-join the ALDE Party at the forthcoming Congress in Amsterdam. 

Koprivšek then travelled on to Podgorica, Montenegro, where he met with the leadership of ALDE Party member Liberalna partija Crne Gore and discussed the current political situation in the country and its prospects for eventual membership of the European Union. 

Reflecting on the meetings, Kyuchyuk said: “Western Balkans need politicians that promote liberal values in order to move the countries on the EU path. Only they have the potential to stop the ethno-religious confrontation in the region and build modern democratic societies.

The ALDE party is proud of its liberal and pro-European members in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and will continue to support their work through LIBSEEN and the whole liberal family for accelerated European integration.”

Koprivsek added: "It was great pleasure and also a necessity to visit four liberal parties in three countries of the region. It's a volatile region, where every liberal voice in the society should be additionally supported.

European liberal family members in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro represent clear pro-European political forces. It is our value- based duty and also geopolitical obligation, to promote the vision we jointly have for their respective societies. People of the Western Balkans deserve to become members of the EU as soon as possible. This is a joint political goal I fully support. I also expect the European perspective of the entire region to be strongly promoted through our regional network - LIBSEEN.