Close call: Norwegian elections in two weeks | ALDE Party

Close call: Norwegian elections in two weeks

Trine and volunteers getting out the vote. Credit: Mona Melanie Lindseth/Venstre

In two weeks, Norwegians will go to the polls to elect the members of their Parliament, the Storting. This election is very close and most analysts agree that the outcome of the election rests on the election result of Norway’s Liberal Party, Venstre. Whether or not Venstre makes it above the 4% threshold will decide whether Norway will have a centre-right or centre-left government for the next four years.

Venstre has spent the last years professionalising its campaign structures and has knocked a record of 35,000 doors in the course of this campaign. Support from the ALDE Party for these efforts has been integral. For Venstre, success in this election comes down to mobilising its voters and energising its base. Venstre leader, Trine Skei Grande, famously cancelled her summer holiday to tour the country in an electric vehicle, meeting with entrepreneurs who daily take risks to create jobs for themselves and others.

"This is a really tough campaign, and the margins for victory are very close. That is why I am so proud of our volunteers who are dedicating their time and effort to making Norway a freer, more open and greener place to live," said party leader Trine Skei Grande.

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