Convergencia remains largest force in Catalan elections | ALDE Party

Convergencia remains largest force in Catalan elections

Convergencia Leader Artur Mas
Convergencia Leader Artur Mas

Convèrgencia i Unió (CiU) continues to be the leading political force in the Catalan parliament with 50 seats after last Sunday's elections.  While Party leader Artur Mas will have to form a coalition agreement in order to hold a parliamentarian majority, he does “not regret his decision to call for new elections, since it was necessary to find out where the majorities were,” according to Mas. With a strong economic programme to propel Catalonia out the financial crisis and a pledge to call for a referendum on the future status of Catalonia, CiU is expected to lead the future coalition government.

"We are clearly the only force that can lead this government, but we cannot lead it alone. We need shared responsibility," Mas told supporters in Barcelona afterwards. "The presidency must be taken up, but we will also have to reflect along with other forces," said Mas. The Catalan left republican party ERC became the second political force with 21 seats in parliament.

ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson MEP said: "I wish for our Catalan friends the best of luck on their coalition negociations to form a steady government for Catalonia that will lead them out of the financial crisis. These are difficult times but I am confident in the strength and political commitment that characterises Convergencia."

The electoral participation was almost 70%, 10% higher than in the elections of 2010.