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Election message from the Party President

Sir Graham Watson on the campaign trail

Dear fellow candidates and Liberals,

We have entered the final phase of the campaign. All of us have been vigorously campaigning to ensure that Liberals and Democrats come back stronger than ever. It is not an easy task but I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and hard work by my fellow Liberal Democrats here in the UK just as much as by Liberals in other countries. Liberals are movers and shakers. We are going to make Europe work! We don’t leave Europe to the others, we are making Europe better, we want to build a Europe for the future. This is what European Liberals stand for. Populists complain, Conservatives are stuck in the status quo and Socialists don’t find anything better than past recipes.

We will take Europe off the hands of Conservatives and Socialists who have ruled it for the past decade and Europe is off worse than 10 years ago. Together we are going to work for a Europe that works and that we love. Let’s make sure that our winning message is heard right across Europe. I wish you the very best for this week and look forward to seeing many of you elected members of Parliament.

Kind regards

Sir Graham Watson