European Liberals warn against attempts to limit internet freedom | ALDE Party

European Liberals warn against attempts to limit internet freedom

Freedom on the internet
Freedom on the internet

"The internet is borderless and it is its decentralised organisation that has created so much value for billions of people worldwide", said ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson as the delegates of the world conference of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) gathered for the opening in Dubai discussing a revision of a global treaty governing the internet.

Many states and corporations seek a tight grip on the internet to suppress people or pursue vested business interests but the internet must remain free to allow people to freely create and innovate, organise and influence economic progress and societal development.

For many centuries "European Liberals have always been the guardians of individual liberties offline. We will continue doing so also online as well ", added the President of European Liberal Democrats referring to a strong resolution on the preservation of global digital freedom adopted by the ALDE Party at its recent Congress in Dublin.

"The internet is a prime example why liberals believe in the supreme power of individuals over institutions and centralised bureaucracies. The "net" has been developed by billions representing civil society, science, politics and business. The freedom it created for mankind and the fear it causes among autocratic rulers is a result of this discovery procedure that increased the prospects of many but not the prospects of any particular outcome for any particular person", concluded Sir Graham.